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Georgie being interviewed at CITV


Mildred Hubble, the protagonist of the “Worst Witch” has been Georgina#s first part ever - and she made a great job of it.

She even won the Young Artist Award (see below). You can also read an interview with Georgie beneath the Artist note.

WW is currently running in the fourth season - even though there might be no sequel, I think she should and will keep up acting...=)


No schooluniform - tsktsktsk - what would HB say? Yet: Cacklish colours =)


Perfect for fans of the Harry Potter books (and their younger siblings), the four original WORST WITCH novels by Jill Murphy are now repackaged with exciting TV-tie-in covers.

Georgina Sherrington, who plays lead character Mildred Hubble in the WORST WITCH series on HBO, has just won the equivalent of an Oscar for her performance. Sherrington received the Young Artist Award for Best Performance for a Leading Young Actress in a TV Comedy Series. Other Young Artist Award winners this year include Thora Birch of "American Beauty," and Haley Joel Osment of "The Sixth Sense." For a full list of winners, visit http://www.youngartistawards.org/.

Which witch?

Georgina Sherrington, star of The Worst Witch, tells Jamie Woolley all about hubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

Mildred Hubble is back. The troubled student of Cackles Academy for young witches returns in a new series of The Worst Witch for more problem potions and mis-firing spells.
Playing the part of Mildred is 15 year old Georgina Sherrington who got her lucky break through a drama workshop she used to attend.
"The Worst Witch is my first experience of professional acting," she says, "but I first became interested in acting when I was about seven. I had a friend who wanted to be an actress and I used to go to drama workshops with her.
"The producers of The Worst Witch came along to our workshop to choose people to go to auditions, and I got chosen. I had to do three auditions in total, but in the end I got the part."
Since then she's filmed three series of The Worst Witch, but watching yourself on TV can be a bit weird and Georgina agrees. "Usually I'm thinking to myself, 'why have I pulled that face?'
"And a couple of times there have been scenes where we couldn't stop laughing for some reason and although I'm sure the audience wouldn't notice it, I can see myself getting ready to giggle!"
That's something that actors dread - laughing during the middle of a take. Georgina admits that there are plenty of things which set her off, especially if she gets her lines wrong or something else goes wrong. if I've shared a joke with someone off-set, and I catch their eye whilst you're supposed to be filming, that can set me off."

TV wizardry

To make all the spells and magic come to life, special effects are used by the bucket load including the broom-flying sequences. This is done by a process called green-screening, where the actors are filmed in front of a green backdrop which can then be replaced by computer with a new background and hey presto, you've got a witch in flight on her broomstick!
But even special effects don't always go smoothly. "Jessica Fox, who plays Enid Nightshade, and I fell off our broomstick when we were filming the first series. Jessica ended hanging upside down and I did a backwards somersault, but we did have a mattress to land on safely."
Despite being only 15, Georgina has already won an award for her acting. She got an Annual Young Artist award for her part in The Worst Witch and went to all the way to Hollywood to collect it!"It was fantastic, absolutely amazing. We only went for a weekend, but we saw all the sights before going to the awards ceremony. I also saw loads of celebrities like Melissa Joan Hart, who plays Sabrina, and her sister, as well as several people from Boy Meets World."
And although The Worst Witch books by Jill Murphy were published over 20 years ago, Georgina says that the other more recent trainee sorcerer, Harry Potter, nearly stole one of her fellow actors from the series.
"Kate Duchene, who plays Miss Hardbroom, was offered an audition for a very similar role in the Harry Potter movie. But she said she felt that she should be loyal to The Worst Witch so she didn't go!"


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